About Us

We are the traditional manufacturers of precious Coral Gems, working in the arena since 1949. My father, Shri. Purshotam Das Agarwal started his early years of business by travelling abroad to purchase raw materials from Italy, Tunisia, Algeria, Taiwan, and Japan. The company, which he started with just two workers then, has now grown in size into employingmore than 100 workers. He worked hard to market the finished products and travelled many cities to successfully capture the Indian gemstone business market. With his hard work and dedication, we succeeded in earninga high reputation for our gemstones across India and became one of the pioneers in the coral business.

When I, Narayan Lal Agarwal, was merely 14 years old, my father started teaching me business about coral manufacturing. After finishing my studies, I was sent to Taiwan, the biggest coral manufacturing country in the world, for learning the techniques of coral making and how different shapes and sizes of coral are made with perfection and beauty. After my training, I joined the business with better knowledge of new ideas and techniques and implemented new technology in coral business. We thereby witnessed immense success in our production and became one of the biggest wholesalers of coral gems in India. This was when we entered the international market.

Fifteen years back then, we participated in the International Gems stone Exhibition in Hong Kong, where we got the opportunity to meet international customers. It was there we realized the need to enhance our skills and knowledge in various aspects of shape, assorting, and polishing of corals for capturing the international market. Since then, we started working hard to learn many new techniques and employed them with modern machinery and technology.For the past ten years, we have been the first and foremost, and in fact, so far the only Indian company standing in the international arena that got to register its name along with some of the biggest coral manufacturingcompanies from countries like Taiwan, Japan, and Italy.